Temple Project

Status on the proposed temple project - land alloted by Huda to the Kashyap Kashmir Sabha

HUDA had made an offer of land measuring 0.18 Acre, at Sector 21, Gurgaon-122017, at a total premium to KASHYAP KASHMIR SABHA, a charitable institution duly registered with prescribed authorities, vide their memo no A-Social-2K/ 6543 dated 23rd May 2000.

1. The total premium on the land was determined at Rs. 3,58,674/- to be paid as under:

2. The payment against the above has been paid aggregating to Rs. 3,74,005/-, detailed as under:

3. As per the terms and conditions in the LOI issued, Kashyap Kashmir Sabha was required to get the building plans approved besides arranging the funds for construction within a period of 9 months i.e. before 17th Feb 2001.

4. During this period, the key persons involved with the project, were seriously indisposed, and other office bearers of Sabha itself could not function effectively due to the various members being affected adversely due to the genocide and great displacement of the members and their family members due to the mass exodus of Kashmiri community from Kashmir valley and therefore could NOT pursue the matter further vis-a-vis follow up action required for getting the regular letter of allotment.

5. The Kashyap Kashmir Sabha finally submitted the proposed building plans along with bank statements as evidence of funds available for construction on 27-2-07 pursuant to the office memo no 20783 dated 22-11-06 and acknowledged by HUDA vide receipt No 150960 dated 27-2-07.

6. Pursuant to continuous follow up with HUDA for handing possession of the plot, a Memo No A-INSTT-08 (3532) dated 28.04.2008 was received from HUDA Gurgaon cancelling the allotment citing non-submission of the building plans for approval and arrangement of the funds for construction within a period of 9 months i.e. before 17th Feb 2001.

7. An appeal was filed before Administrator, HUDA on 22-05-2008 explaining the reasons for the delay and seeking re-instatement of the allotment. This appeal was turned down by Administrator HUDA on 24-09-2008 without application of mind to the reasons for the delay as submitted by the Sabha.

8. The Sabha then filed another appeal against the orders of the Administrator, HUDA before, Secretary Finance Commissioner at Chandigarh and that is where the matter rests as on date. The Sabha has approached other channels for resolving the matter in favour of the Sabha including the Chief Minister of Haryana. However there has NOT been any forward movement in the matter till date. (02-12-2011)

The office bearers of the Kashmir Kashyap Sabha, make an appeal and seek advice and assistance from each and every member of the Kashmir community in the matter.