Under mentioned members of the EC were present in the meeting:  

S.No  Name  Signature  S.No  Name  signature  
1  Dr. Anil Vaishnavi-     9Sh M.L.Kachru    
2  Mr. Dhruv Thusoo    10Sh.T.K.Koul      
3  Mr.Rajender Wanchoo    11Mr B.L.Bhan    
4  Sh. O. N. Kaul     12Sh Kaka Ji Bhan   
5    Sh Bhupinder Tiku  13Sh B.K.Raina  
Sh Satish Kher   14   Sh Sanjiv Misri 
7Sh Ramesh Bhat Sr  15Sh Brij Mohan Kaul 
8Sh Ramesh Bhat Jr  16  

ITEM 1.   

Quorum being complete the meeting was called to order.  

ITEM 2.  

 Appointment of the Chairman of the meeting. “RESOLVED that Dr. Anil Vaishnavi be hereby requested to take the Chair and preside over the meeting of the Executive Council.  

 ITEM 3.  

 The minutes of the previous meeting were placed before the members for their approval. RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting held on 06.03.2022 were read and signed by the Chairman as an accurate manifestation of the deliberations and decisions taken at the last meeting.   

ITEM 4.   

The committee discussed the agendas of this meeting point wise. The details of these agendas are given hereunder:   

Agenda 1  


The President reviewed the major works initiated /completed during last 4 months. Under mentioned works were thoroughly reviewed by the committee. Respective members to whom the work is delegated gave their briefings:

  1. Sh Satish Kher informed the committee that Rs 18000/- are to be deposited along with documents at DHBVN. The proposal was unanimously approved. 

Electric Connection is stalled for want of registration fee for new line. Treasurer was advised to expedite the issuance of cheque books so that delegated projects can move ahead.

  • Expenses incurred by members for various works like Flooring work done in Temple Land room, printing of Letter pads and bill-books, money deposited for Registration of governing body as well as change of address at Haryana Societies and Industries and incurring other stationary products, Medical Camp, Zang Trai function and any other expenses to be reimbursed at the earliest. Any Vendor payment for website maintenance due should also be paid asap.
  • Ramesh Bhat Sr informed the committee that Estate office has approved the triangular map of the temple. DTP approval is in process. President informed the committee that all Pre-Draft designs have been uploaded on website for all biradari to see and give suitable suggestions for the same. 
  • It was unanimously approved that payment for renewal of website may be made at the earliest. The mode of payment will be 50 pc advance and 50 pc in September 2022.

Agenda 2  


The President informed the committee that final touches are being given to E Magazine neel nag and hopefully will be circulated in a weeks time.

Agenda 3  

Decision to be taken on how to get hold of passwords of all emails and Facebook accounts of KKS from previous office bearers.

The previous office bearers have not shared the passwords of all Face book accounts e mail accounts to the new body.. A decision to be reached on the steps to be taken to get the passwords of all social media accounts in the name of KKS, which are currently in use and still in the control of previous office bearers.

Members wanted to know the status of Receipt no 24 which is still missing and to inquire about with the concerned people involved in this receipt booklet.

Also, to acquire the names of the people who donated for HUDA penalty through Sh. Sushil Bhatt’s account.

A committee has been formed under Chairmanship of Sh Brij Mohan, Sh ON Kaul, Sh Ramesh Bhatt jr along with General Secretary Sh Dhruv Thusoo to explore the way for getting hold of all IDs Passwords of e mails, facebook and twitter to enable the committee and office bearers to convey and receive important communication from all corners which are related to KKS. Also, to get the names of donors from Sh Sushil Bhatt as well as inquire about receipt no. 24.

Agenda 4  

Treasurer to update about reconciliation of funds regarding 170 life members from Mr Pankaj Dhar and Sh Vinod Pandita. How to go further in this issue?

The Treasurer informed the committee that despite his rigorous follow up and mails sent to previous concerned office bearers no response is being received. Committee has agreed to withdraw the names of life membership of persons whose details & receipts aren’t reconciled and not tallying with the receipt books. These concerned people will be informed to produce their original receipts to regularize their KKS membership.

Agenda 5:

Sh Rajender wanchoo Treasurer had posted a message in Executive Group on  “Quote :  It should be recorded in the MOM that since the stamp duty for lease deed along with penalty has been paid to HUDA by Sh Sushil Bhat on his own choice and without any right in this context. UNQUOTE

Sh. O.N Kaul, Sh Bhupinder Tiku and Sh Satish Kher informed the committee that funds were collected from members for the registration amount and penal charges payable to HUDA and handedover to Sh Susheel Bhat to deposit. The list of donors and receipts from HUDA and Challan copy is still not been given to new committee. The point was raised by Sh H.L.Kher in the last ex com meeting to post the list of donors in watts group and submit the accounts in this regard to KKS. 

Agenda 6 

Uploading of audited accounts in KKS website and resignation of Auditor. Appointment of new auditor till next AGM.

Sh Bhupinder Tiku informed the committee that Auditor Sh Jyotinder tikku was appointed for 5 years in the last AGM held in 2019 under the president ship of Mr Lokesh Bhan. This needs to be checked in the MOM of last AGM. Under these circumstances Sh Tikku has to seek permission for quitting the job and can do so only if committee accepts his resignation.

It was decided to call quotes from well reputed chartered accountants and select a suitable interim CA who will file the returns and submit audited accounts in case of non-availability of Sh Tikku. President Anil Vaishnavi proposed a name of CA Mr Praveen Gangwani who will charge Rs 30000 for all Accounts related work including filing of returns, submitting of audited accounts in respective state and central authorities. Sh R Wanchoo, Treasurer, raised objection tjhat 30000 is too high. It was finally decidecd that committee will explore more options and trake quotes from suitable Chartered Accountants.

KKS ID & Life membership camps will be held in Sushant lok/DlF from 16th April onwards on weekends for this month which will be carried by Sh BK Raina, Sh Bhupinder Tiku, and Sh Sanjiv Misri, and Sh SK Kaul and TK Kaul will help them in this membership drive.

Before concluding the meeting members expressed their desire to hold future meetings during the peak summer in some suitable place keeping in view the dearth of infrastructure at the Mandir Land to combat extreme heat of coming months. The president proposed to hold next meetings at any of the Executive member’s house in Sushant Lok or DLF.

Dhruv Thusoo 

General Secretary 

KKS Gurgaon.