Under mentioned members of the EC were present in the meeting:  

S.No  Name  Signature  S.No  Name  signature  
1  Dr. Anil Vaishnavi-      9Sh M.L.Kachru    
2  Mr. Dhruv Thusoo    10Mr.T.N.Kaul 
3  Mr.Rajender Wanchoo    11 Sh Sunil Kaul    
4  Sh. O. N. Kaul  
5  Sh.S.K.Kaul  
  13  Mr B.L.Bhan    
Sh Satish Kher    14   Sh Ramesh Bhat Sr  
Sh Kaka Ji Bhan  15Sh Opinder Raina 
8Sh Ashok Zutshi 16  

ITEM 1.   

Quorum being complete the meeting was called to order.  

ITEM 2.  

 Appointment of the Chairman of the meeting. “RESOLVED that Dr. Anil Vaishnavi be hereby requested to take the Chair and preside over the meeting of the Executive Council.  

 ITEM 3.  

 The minutes of the previous meeting were placed before the members for their approval. RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting held on 06.02.2022 were read and signed by the Chairman as an accurate manifestation of the deliberations and decisions taken at the last meeting.   

ITEM 4.   

The committee discussed the agendas of this meeting point wise. The details of these agendas are given hereunder:   

Agenda 1  


 Sh Satish Kher and Sh Sunil kaul volentered their services to open office on week ends for the month of March till 31.03.2022. President and GS will also join if required. 

 Agenda 2  


It was decided to spread awareness among life members through social media/watts app to renew their life membership and enrol for identity cards by filing the form and payment of Rs 100 for the same.  

Agenda 3  

Termination of complaint from Palam Vihar Police station filed by Ex President Sh Lokesh Bhan. 

It was decided that the decision of withdrawal of police complaint is entirely on the individuals who have lodged the complaint. KKS has no direct invovement in the matter 

Agenda 4  

Status of Quarterly magazine Neel Nag 

All executive members applauded Sh Ashok Zutshi and Sh Bhupinder Tiku for their efforts in revival of Neel Nag. The draft of March quarter was approved by the committee. Neelnag: The first e edition of Neel Nag is under way and will be released for members by 31st March 2022.  


Under mentioned points were discussed in detail:  

  •    Status of Electricity Connection at KKS Office. 

Sh Satish Kher informed the committee that Rs 18000/- are to be deposited along with documents at DHBVN. The proposal was unanimously approved. 

  •   Road map for collecting funds for Temple Construction. 

Sh S.K.Kaul suggested that every ex-com member should initiate individual drive for it. 

Neel Nag advertisements can also be a good source of generating funds.Sh H.L.Kher suggested that Havan and cultural functions have always been a major source of fund generation. We should initiate steps to organise these funtions at the earliest.

  •    Decision on fencing of Mandir Land. 

Sh Ramesh Bhat Sr informed the committee about the budget of fencing of temple land with metro sheets for 6 ft height will be approx 2.5 lakhs. Sh M.L.Kachru suggested that every member should contribute to temple construction. It was suggested unanimously that a plan needs to be designed to reach every member of Gurgaon to generate funds for the construction of temple.  

  •   Status of Zoning of Land.  

Ramesh Bhat Sr informed the committee that Estate office has approved the triangular map of the temple. DTP approval is in process. President informed the committee that all Pre-Draft designs have been uploaded on website for all biradari to see and give suitable suggestions for the same.  

Agenda 5 

The KKS website domain renewal to be approved. 

It was unanimously approved that payment for renewal of website may be made at the earliest. The mode of payment will be 50 pc advance and 50 pc in September 2022.

Agenda 6 

Approval for Draft of use of temple land. 

The draft submitted by Sh Tk Kaul and team was unanimously approved by the committee.  

Agenda 7 

KKS program for calendar year 2022

Programme for calendar year 2022 was discussed and the following functions were proposed to be done: 

  1. Navreh/ZangTrai on 03.04.2022 
  2. Hawan In June  
  3. Diwali Milan. 
  4. New Year Day. 
  5. Sushil Aima Martyrs Day. 
  6. Shivratri Milan. 

It was decided that expenses will be borne through self-collection and all efforts will be made to avoid using KKS funds. 

The AGM will be conducted after filing of accounts for all the previous years is completed. 

Agenda 8 

Status of filing of Audited accounts from Sh J Tikku. 

Sh Jyotinder Tikku joined the meeting to address the status of filing of accounts and give a detailed address on the observations of his Audit. The main points as reported by Sh Tikku in his address are as under: 

  1. Balance sheet for financial years 2018-19,19-20and 2020-21 have been filed     

      with IT Commissioner. 

  1. Fixed assets shown in record are missing in kks Gurgaon. 
  2. Receipt books have been missing for the last 5 years. 
  3. Mr Tiku pointed out that the previous committee has mismanaged the funds monitoring system. Approx 15-16 lacks spent on KPL matches and no proper record is available. 
  4. A separate auditor should be appointed to tally the accounts and cash transactions. 
  5. New accounts system needs to be introduced to maintain transparency. 

Agenda 9 

Status of 80 G revival. 

No action on revival of 80 G, Mr Autar Bhat, member of the committee for revival of 80 G was not present in the meeting.  

Agenda 10 

Any other point with the permission of chair. 

  1. Sh Sh R. Wanchoo Treasurer informed the committee that list of donors was  

      handed over by susheel bhat to him. . All the expenses were done by life  

      members directly to vendors as was reported by Sh Susheel Bhat to him. 

  • Receipt book no 24 is missing 
  • 130 receipts of individuals missing from account. 
  • Payments received in IDFC Bank to be uploaded on website. 
  • KKS by-laws need to be amended and discussed in ex com before the change is  


  • It was unanimously approved that Sh J.Tikku will continue as Auditor of KKS 

      Gurgaon till next AGM. Sh Tikku will complete the IT Return of 2021-22 and file it 

      with Income Tax Authorities.

  1. A letter to be written to AIKS for not declaring our President as VP of AIKS as per their protocol with its affiliates.
  2. The previous office bearers have not shared the passwords of all Face book accounts to the new body. GS to persue the previous office bearers to get all the passwords of emails , face book accounts . A decision to be reached on the steps to be taken to get the passwords of all social media accounts in the name of KKS, which are currently in use and still in the control of previous office bearers if GS is not given these passwords.

Dhruv Thusoo 

General Secretary 

KKS Gurgaon