.Under mentioned members of the EC were present in the meeting:
  • Dr. Anil Vaishnavi.President
  • Sh. Rajendra Wanchoo Treasurer
  • Sh. O N. Kaul Sh. Satish kumar kher
  • Sh. S.K.Koul Sh. Ramesh kumar Bhat
  • Sh Autar Bhat(Secretary)
  • Sh. Bhushan Lal Bhan
  • Sh Sunil Kaul (Secretary)
  • Sh Ramesh Bhat
  • Sh.T.K.Kaul Sh. Vijay Dhar
  • Sh. M L.Kachru Sh Brij Mohan Kaul
  • Sh Bhupender Tiku Dhruv Thusoo(GS)
 ITEM 1. Quorum being complete the meeting was called to order.
ITEM 2. Appointment of the Chairman of the meeting. “RESOLVED that Dr. Anil Vaishnavi be hereby requested to take the Chair and preside over the meeting of the Executive Council.
ITEM 3. The minutes of the previous meeting were placed before the members for their approval. RESOLVED that the minutes of the previous meeting held on 12.12.2021 and 19.12.2021, (Handing over meeting) were read and signed by the
Chairman as an accurate manifestation of the deliberations and decisions taken at
the last meeting.
ITEM 4. The committee discussed the agendas of this meeting point wise. The details of these agendas are given hereunder:
Agenda 1: Handover takeover details till now by Treasurer, Gen Secretary, and President.
 GS addressed to members that the pen drive handed over by Sh Vinod Pandita was seen and the matter in the pen drive pertains to details of meetings, resolutions held by the previous team from 2018. Nothing significant is there in the pen drive which needs to be mentioned in this meeting. However, GS told the members that hard copies of some certificates will be taken by him and filed for the record of KKS. Dr. Vaishnavi told members that Mr. Lokesh Bhan has not handed over anything to him. Sh. Lokesh Bhan has informed to pick up old receipts in a gunny bag from his residence without any documentation.
  • Dr. Anil Vaishnavi. President
  • Sh. Rajendra Wanchoo Treasurer
  • Sh. O N. Kaul Sh. Satish kumar kher
  • Sh. S.K.Koul /Sh. Ramesh kumar Bhat/ Sh Autar Bhat(Secretary)
  • Sh. Bhushan Lal Bhan
  • Sh Sunil Kaul (Secretary)
  • Sh Ramesh Bhat
  • Sh.T.K.Kaul Sh. Vijay Dhar
  • Sh. M L.Kachru Sh Brij Mohan Kaul
  • Sh Bhupender Tiku Dhruv Thusoo(GS)

President Dr. Vaishnavi confirmed that the Original Land lease Papers have been received by him from Dr. R. Jalali. The President also told members that he has not received the original documents which are of prime importance for the sabha. The documents like
a) Original initial memberships register wef 1996 to 2k.
b) Original copy of Bye Laws
c) Original Registration letter of KKS.
d) Original PAN card of KKS
e) Expenditure spent on two rooms at temple land, palam vihar
f) No original documents/correspondence done with concerned authorities regarding temple land & construction of temple.
g) also whereabouts of concentrators, oxygen cylinders ,PA system, thalis & other things of KKS haven’t been handed over by previous executive body

Treasurer Mr Wanchoo told members that Sh Pankaj Dhar has given him passbooks of 2 bank accounts, Old receipt books but one receipt book bearing no 24 is missing and is in the possession of Mr. Sushil Bhat.Sh. Bhupinder Tiku reminded the members about the statement of Sh.Susheel Dhar which he told in the meeting of 19.12.2021 that why the new team/ president should go door to door of erstwhile office bearers to collect the records when handover takeover function is being held at temple land in presence of all Biradari members. The previous office bearers should coordinate with the new team and make a way for transferring of records. It was resolved that GS will make a list of items which have been received by the present team and also make a list of items which are lying with previous office bearers but have not been handed over as yet.
AGENDA 2. Oath Ceremony by Executive members who missed on 19/12/2021. Sh Sunil kaul Secretary took oath of office.

AGENDA 3. Revision & updating KKS constitution/ Bylaws & Committee formation.It was resolved that the bylaws of KKS need to be amended as they are archived & there has been change in society bylaws of Haryana act 2012.Sh. Shiban Sultan was unanimously selected to submit a report in this matter and requested to see necessary amendments needed to be done in the KKS bylaws which will be tabled in AGM.
 AGENDA 4. Change of KKS registered address to present temple land address & Committee formation.Below Committee members were given the task for looking the modalities & necessary formalities needed for changing the address of KKS to mandir land address and complete the legal work required to be done for updation of new address with official authorities.

i. Sh. ON Kaul
ii. Sh. Sunil Kaul
iii. Sh. Brij Mohan and
iv. Sh. Ramesh Bhat Jr

AGENDA 5. Measures for Revival of 80G of KKS Gurugram & committee formation.A committee of following members was formed who will work & see the process for the revival of 80G of KKS.
  1.  Sh. Avtar krishen Bhat
  2.  Sh. O.N.Kaul
  3.  Sh. Rajendra Wanchoo
  4.  Sh. B.L.Bhan

AGENDA 6. Enquiry about 181 life members whose payment receipt numbers are missing in final membership list which was submitted to Deputy Registrar as eligible voters.The following members were interested the job to scrutinize the matter and check all the records available in this regard & try to submit the final report in a month’s time.

  •  Sh Rajendra Wanchoo
  • Sh T.k.Kaul
  •  Sh B.K.Raina

Two membership registers from year 2000 onwards and 44 new membership forms were handed over by Dr Vaishnavi to Treaurer Sh Rajendra wanchoo, which were given to him by Sh Sushil Bhat .Treasurer will also look into the money deposited for these 44 forms by Sh Sushil Bhat. Also three new member forms along with Rs. 6000 were handed to Treasurer Sh wanchoo ji. Sh Satish Kher advised to make efforts to contact all 181 members whose payment record of membership fee is not on record & need to check thoroughly about money deposited in our KKS accounts. It was requested to Sh Rajendra Wanchoo ji to submit the report as early as possible.
AGENDA 7. Independent Enquiry & micro forensic Audit about observation made by Statutory Auditor about alleged misappropriation of KKS funds during last 10-15 years. It was unanimously resolved that this point may be kept in abeyance till a final report of Statutory Auditor is received.

AGENDA 8.  Sh Shiban Sultan ji on behalf of Sh Sagar President Palam vihar has given proposal to sublet land for 2 days in a week on some donation of Rs 20000 per month. NOT APPROVED By the Ex Com. Sh Suheel Dhar has given proposal of feeding 100 people on every Sunday at temple land.Not Approved. Sh Avtar Bhat ji categorically refused the proposal which was seconded by all the members.Dr Ramesh Razdan gave proposal to carry on Domicile registration &new team formation. Also wants to introduce Devnagri & Sharda script for teaching to kashmiri community & others in the UT of J&K also wants participation of community in his program of essay competition. Approved by the commitee. Sh Rajendra Wanchoo, Sh Sh Avtar k.Bhat, Secretary, Sh Brij Mohan will help Dr Ramesh Razdan in this matter. Dr Anil Vaishnavi has given proposal to start Scholarship Scheme for bright Kashmiri pandit children which will help in reviving 80G for KKS. The below members will work for the scholarship scheme for EWS students of Kashmiri community with excellent academic or nonacademic record

  •  Sh Wanchoo
  •  Mr Sunil kaul
  •  Mr Satish Kher
  •  Sh Vijay Dhar
Need some Volunteers & ideas to Start Quarterly KKS mouth piece Neelnag, Gurugram electronically at present. The below members will initiate work for restarting the magazine Neel Nag electronically.

i. Sh Bupinder Tiku
ii. B.L.Bhan
iii. T.K.Kaul
iv. S.k.kaul

 Need of action against those who are misusing KKS Gurugram name on Social media. Also for those who are using Temple land services without permission from the Executive council/ President. What action to be taken for those KP Member’s. Framework of rules for using services of temple land in future. Sh T.K.Kaul advised to make rules and regulations for usage of Temple Land and get the same approved by Ex Com. A policy guidelines need to be formed and all biradari will have to abide it. A cautious notice to be issued at present only. It was unanimously resolved that the below members will make a comprehensive usage guidelines and submit their report at the earliest so as to get the same approved in next ex com meeting.
i. Sh T.K.Kaul,
ii. Sh R Wanchoo
iii. Sh B.Tiku

 Formation of Temple land Committee, Construction committee and financial committee of temple were formed as under

 Construction Committee:

  •  Sh Satish Kher
  •  Sh R.K.Bhat
  • Sh M L Kachru
  • Sh Vijay Dhar
  • Sh B K Raina
  • Sh Ramesh Bhat jr

 Financial Committee:

  1. Sh Bhupinder Tiku
  2. Sh A.K.Bhat
  3.  Sh T.K.Kaul
  4.  Sh O.N.Kaul
  5. Sh Opinder Raina
  6. Sh S.K.Kaul
 Membership renewal & KKS ID formation committee. The membership drive will be taken by members from their
respective zones.
a. Sh B K Raina from Sushant lok 1,II,III & adjoining
b. Sh Ramesh Kumar Bhat Sr from Palam vihar & adjoining
c. Sh T K Kaul from South City & adjoining.
d. Sh Bupinder Tiku from DLF city & adjoining
e. Area wise Membership committee for membership drive has been made under the leadership of above
mentioned executive members.
f. Sh Satish Kher informed the committee members that while downloading the membership application form, it was found that the heading of the application was showing kashyap Kashmir samaj instead of kashyap Kashmir sabha, this error needs to be looked into and rectified at the earliest.. Sh. SK kaul advised for printing of receipt books. President announced that the new receipt books have been printed. After the meeting members were issued receipt books after taking their signatures for record.

Hawan committee

i. Sh O N kaul
ii. Sh Ramesh Bhat jr
iii. Sh Brij Mohan
iv. Sh B L Bhan
v. Sh MLKachru

It was unanimously resolved that President, General Secretary & Treasurer are part of every committee formed. Resolution was signed by all members that all three President, Gen Secretary & treasurer will be signatory for all bank accounts.The meeting concluded with Cake Cutting on new year.
Dhruv Thusoo,
GS , KKS Gurugram
Palam Vihar, Gurugra


Plot No. RB 1 ,Sector 23-23A Palam Vihar,Gurugram-122017 (Haryana)


Plot No. RB 1 ,Sector 23-23A Palam Vihar,Gurugram-122017 (Haryana)