Kashyap Kashmir Sabha Gurgaon is Performing the annual Hawan as well as AGM 2022-23

*Kashyap Kashmir Sabha Gurgaon (Regd)*


                       Kashyap Kashmir Sabha Gurgaon, is Performing *annual Hawan as well as AGM 2022-23*, as per *details given below*:-

*Venue*:- *Temple land Palam Vihar Gurgaon, RB Plot No-1, Sector 23-23A, Palam vihar*, Gurgaon 

*Date*:- *18-03-2023 Hawan will start at 8.30 pm*.

                  *19-03-2023 Puran Aahuti at 1.15 pm and Prasad Vetran from 2 pm onwards*.

Also *Annual AGM of 2022-23 will be held on 19-03-2023 from 9.30 am onwards* at above said Venue.

*Agenda for AGM* on 19 th March 2023 is as:

1)Welcome of KKS registered life Members by General Secretary.

2)Observing one minute silence for the departed souls.

3) Address by President.

4)Annual report of KKS for year 2022 till date by General Secretary.

5) Adoption of Model Bye-laws as per HSA 2012 with few amendments/ modifications.

6)Adoption of KKS Audited Accounts. To be presented by treasurer.

7) Approval of New life Members of KKS & KKS life membership list.

8) KKS temple report & Progress till date by president.

9) Any other item with the permission of President.

*Note* : *All life members & all well wishers of KKS, Gurgaon are requested to attend the Hawan and have blessings of Goddess Maa Sharika.. Also humbly request all registered life members to attend AGM in full strength & be seated fifteen minutes earlier than schedule time of 9.30 AM for starting AGM*





General secretary 


Gurugram. Gurugram

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